Who is Tolt ?

Benjamin MARTINIE, aka Tolt, is a Film Director and Photographer.
He specializes in travel-related content.

Thanks to his original editing style and his eye for detail, Tolt creates unique immersive stories that will just make you want to pack and go



Thanks to his high-quality content, Tolt has been developping a fast-growing community of fans and followers all over the world.

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Tolt, Film Director and Photographer specialized in travel-related content

Benjamin Martinie, aka Tolt, is a creative digital producer (films, pictures and articles) specialized in travel-related content. After completing a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and a 10 months experience at CANAL+ Group, he decided to take classes at ESRA, a major French Film School, to tell stories and share experiences with the world.

Tolt is versatile and likes to engage in every step of the process, from artistic direction to shooting, editing, post production and even webcasting.


Tolt really likes meeting new people, contact him!

Tolt : Benjamin Martinie


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